To Spend Or Not To Spend!

To spend or not to spend is my question….  So a few months ago my mother gave me a gift card to Charlotte Russe.  I put the card away and it wasn’t something that I felt the need to go right to the store and spend it. Honestly I was excited about getting the gift card but that was the extent of the excitement. lol So anyway I was out yesterday running some errands and I saw the gift card and I said to myself I better spend it before it’s too late. So my youngest and I go to the mall and of course spend a few minutes trying to find the store. I go in and I look around and the first thing I think to myself is what in the world do I need or want.  Of course all women love to shop and I love getting new clothes and shoes. But for some reason nothing was really appealing. I spent maybe ten minutes just kind of going over what all was in the store. I wasn’t really impressed with their clothing so I didn’t even bother to get close to one clothing item. Then I moved on to where the jewelery was. There was a lot of it and either I wasn’t in the mood for anything or I just didn’t feel right buying anything for myself. So I walked around and saw a really nice watch. I looked at it, picked up, set it down, picked it up again and finally said you know what I really do not need it.  I have the time on my phone and I always have my phone on me. So then I went back to the jewelery and this time I did see one pair of earrings that would be nice to wear at work. So I picked them up and held on to them. Then I moved onto the hair accessories. Again they were all nice but by this time I had already been in the store over a half an hour trying to figure out what in the world I was going to spend this gift card on and I was having a hard time as to what to get.  I went over to the shoes and looked at them all and there really wasn’t anything that I needed or none that really caught my eye. So now on the section near the register of nicknacks.   I find a glitter like roll on pen and I think okay I can use this for the kids for Halloween costumes so I pick it up. Then I rummage through more and nothing, then I look at the jewelery on the counter and I see a little headband tiara so I think okay this will work with Braelyn’s ( my youngest) costume so I grab that. Then I am like hmm what in the world am I going to get, so I go to all the jewelery again and nothing then back to the headbands and finally I see a 2 pack that would be cute for Alana (my oldest daughter) so I get them for her. Then as I am back at the register and I smell all the perfume and I didn’t care for any of those either. So I see a ring pop and I grab it for Braelyn since she was there with me. I go to check out and after almost an hour in the store I was able to spend the gift card and owed $0.20. So I was happy one because I actually was able to find enough to use the gift card on and so ready to just leave after all that time being there. lol Anyways my point is when I have money and we are at the store and my husband always says get yourself something I never do, I always do for my children or my husband. And when I had the chance to get myself something nice I just couldn’t do it, I was actually very happy with just the one lil pair of earrings I found.  There are times I feel terrible for even buying myself stuff, so Id rather just spend it on my family and friends. Id rather spend for others then to spend on myself. Have any of you ever felt that way?

From my heart n mind,         ❤ me!


Time, There Is Never Enough In One Day!

I will admit time is not much of a friend of mine, however Id rather be on time than late!  I feel that I am a very organized person and I have raised my children to be very organized as well.  I feel I am OCD when it comes to things being put away in the right place and things being kept clean. Of course I am not perfect by any means, with three kids it does get a mess at times; dishes in the sink here and there and laundry sometimes may pile up a bit. But I make sure that it gets cleaned and now that my oldest two are older I am having them do lil things like wash the dishes before putting them in the dish washer.  Do you wash your dishes before you put them in the dish washer or do you just put them in there unwashed?  That is one of my biggest pet peeves, not washing a dish before being put in a dishwasher.  I know in today’s world they have dishwashers that you can just put your dishes in there and it will clean it but I don’t see that getting every crevasse cleaned.  So I will always wash my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, to me the dishwasher just satirizes the dishes.  If I had more time I feel I would be a bit more productive.  Have you ever watched the movie Click? It is a movie about Adam Sandler and he has a remote control that actually controls the time of his life.  But the sad thing is he fast forwarded his life and missed everything.  I feel if we had just a bit more time in the day we could slow the important things down and cherish it a bit more. Life is so short and tomorrow is never promised.  Here is a thought that constantly comes to my mind when I actually get to listen to the radio in my car and not the kids TV shows.  You know how in your home or on the computer or phone you can stop the song your listening to.  Well why can’t we pause the radio we are listening to or rewind it?  There have been many times that I want to hit rewind and that is not an option.  I think that should be a new and improved idea for the radio stations.  Well my thoughts tonight were random, but today was a good day.  Until tomorrow   

                                                                                                     ❤ Me!

If there was a book on Life, it would be the world’s biggest seller!

This is my first blog, I am not a writer nor am I great with punctuations. With that being said I am writing this blog because I am at the point in my life that I want to not only better myself but as my passion in life is to help others I need to learn maybe to start with myself and remember that always helping others may hurt me in the process. I need to learn when to say yes and when to say no.  I have learned who my true friends are and who are just my acquaintances. The sad thing is when you give your heart because that is the person you are and have always been, it is taken and stomped on by your friends or should I say your so called friends.  There are so many books in today’s world the sad truth is there is none on Life. If there were a book on Life, the true ways of Life; the how to do and be the best at Life it would be the world’s biggest seller!  Am I right? I have had my highs and my lows in life, however knowing I have my family and God by my side I am blessed. Tonight I reflected on a past friend I have or should I really call them an acquaintance? They had some major lows in their life and we were there for them as a family/friend should be. We loved them as family and offered our love and support. I always sent messages asking how this person was and reminded them we were here and not to hesitate if they needed anything. Even if I had to give my last dollar I would have, believe me I have given my last dollar more than one occasion!!  As time went on we still kept in contact, I visited with them at other friends homes and they were friendly as always. But over the past year I definitely have noticed a huge change in my so-called friend. I have noticed that almost every time I message them on their Facebook page or text them they never reply! But when they see me in person they act as if nothing has ever changed and we are still the best of friends. Well honestly I guess I have a huge heart and maybe it is easily broken but I am upset about the whole situation. What kind of friend doesn’t respond to any kind of messages but acts like your friend to your face?  Well I have come to the realization that I just need to let it go and move on.  As much as it hurts to move forward that is what I am going to do. I should not have to ask them why they do not reply to my messages because if they were a true friend they would have! January 2014 I had some major health scares and the doctors were mentioning bone marrow biopsy’s and oncologist. Both of those two words equal having a mental break down and thinking my life was over. I was beyond scared and the not knowing was the worst. I can say as of today 9/29/14 I am still somewhat at a standstill with my health and as of right now it is a waiting game. But when I needed my so-called friends, most of the so-called close friends I have honestly didn’t even ask if there was anything they could do or help me with. And it wasn’t as if I would have said yes I want something, knowing me I would have probably just said prayers are all that are needed.  But I feel that had that at least offered that would have made me feel cared about. Don’t get me wrong, I had several friends as well as Facebook friends call, text and offer their prayers and I was and am forever grateful!! If I had that book (Life) you know the worlds best seller, Id know the answer as to what I should do. But no book exists.  The best thing I can think of is talking to someone older and wiser that has been there and done that. So as for my first blog this is what was weighing heavy on my heart and mind tonight.  Until next time ❤ Me