Time, There Is Never Enough In One Day!

I will admit time is not much of a friend of mine, however Id rather be on time than late!  I feel that I am a very organized person and I have raised my children to be very organized as well.  I feel I am OCD when it comes to things being put away in the right place and things being kept clean. Of course I am not perfect by any means, with three kids it does get a mess at times; dishes in the sink here and there and laundry sometimes may pile up a bit. But I make sure that it gets cleaned and now that my oldest two are older I am having them do lil things like wash the dishes before putting them in the dish washer.  Do you wash your dishes before you put them in the dish washer or do you just put them in there unwashed?  That is one of my biggest pet peeves, not washing a dish before being put in a dishwasher.  I know in today’s world they have dishwashers that you can just put your dishes in there and it will clean it but I don’t see that getting every crevasse cleaned.  So I will always wash my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, to me the dishwasher just satirizes the dishes.  If I had more time I feel I would be a bit more productive.  Have you ever watched the movie Click? It is a movie about Adam Sandler and he has a remote control that actually controls the time of his life.  But the sad thing is he fast forwarded his life and missed everything.  I feel if we had just a bit more time in the day we could slow the important things down and cherish it a bit more. Life is so short and tomorrow is never promised.  Here is a thought that constantly comes to my mind when I actually get to listen to the radio in my car and not the kids TV shows.  You know how in your home or on the computer or phone you can stop the song your listening to.  Well why can’t we pause the radio we are listening to or rewind it?  There have been many times that I want to hit rewind and that is not an option.  I think that should be a new and improved idea for the radio stations.  Well my thoughts tonight were random, but today was a good day.  Until tomorrow   

                                                                                                     ❤ Me!


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